Date:   November 23, 2015 at 10 am
Place: Lawrence County Common Pleas Courthouse
111 South 4th St. Ironton, Ohio 45638

* To avoid the sale, tax payments must be received before 4pm, November 20th

* To discuss payment options please call (740) 547-3517

* NO personal or business checks will be accepted. Payments must be in “Guaranteed Funds” cash, money order, certified or cashier’s check.

Stephen D. Burcham, Lawrence County Treasurer, will offer for sale the Tax Certificate on the following parcels at a Tax Certificate Sale as provided for in Section 5721.32 of the Ohio Revised Code. The Tax Certificate Sale is a public auction. Bidding begins at eighteen percent (18%) simple interest and bid downward in one-fourth of one percent increments until lowest bid is received on the Tax Certificate Purchase Price for the block of Tax Certificates. A Tax Certificate vests the State’s or it’s taxing districts’ first and superior lien to the Tax Certificate Holder.

The Tax Certificate for the following parcels will be offered in one block with the value of $867,468.42

as of October 9, 2015. Tax certificates will be sold individually or in small groups. Because delinquent taxpayers may redeem prior to sale date, the final Tax Certificate Purchase Price shall be determined immediately prior to sale. A “cash” deposit in the amount of not less than 10% of the Tax Certificate Purchase Price is required on the day of the sale and the balance shall be due within five business days after the sale day.

Not later than 10 am, all bidders must register with the Treasurer’s Office. Registration shall include a letter verifying financial ability to purchase all available tax certificates and payment of a $500.00 “cash” deposit. Terms and Conditions of the Sale are available at the Treasurer’s Office (740)547-3517.


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